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  • 22 Nov 2010 4:12 PM | Lynne Adams (Administrator)
    My son has add and he is the hardest working kid I know.  It takes so much effort for him to get his work done and get good grades.  My older kids would spend about 1 hour on homework, he spends hours.  He doesn't always understand what he's supposed to do and this frustrates him.  He sometimes just wants to say 'forget it' and quit, but he wants to go to college like his older brother and sister so he keeps going. But sometimes he does shut down and isn't able to work or he loses his assignments.  He is unorganized and will misplace his books, notebooks, worksheets, and assignments.

    When I go to school and they tell me, 'you're son is lazy, he needs to try harder, he needs to put in more effort' I just want to scream.  I don't understand why they can't see what I see.  I realize that they have other kids in their class and they have a lot to do, but they know he has a disability. Is it because it's not a visible disability? Is it because he's not a behavior problem?  I can understand how some kids with adhd would get frustrated and overwhelmed and start to have behavior to get out of what they can't handle. 

    Has anyone found a way to get teachers and schools to see beyond their opinion and actually see the kids? 

    I guess if they have then we wouldn't need laws and advocates and meetings. Kids would just get what they needed. 
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